5 Fun Ways to Work from Abroad Without Quitting Your Job

Whether you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world and immersing yourself in another culture, or you just hate working in a stuffy office, know that there is hope!

In fact, if you have a passport and you can work remotely or provide a service, there is little stopping you from working almost anywhere you want.

No, it doesn’t have to be a “permanent” commitment that means packing up everything and moving. No, you don’t always have to give up your full-time job. And best of all, depending on where you’re going, you may not even need a work visa.

All you need is an open mind and a few ideas on where to start. To help you with that, here are 5 short-term ways to work abroad and live out your dream.

1. Work abroad short-term in a visa-free country

If you’re already telecommuting or freelancing, why not take your mobile office with you around the world? Immigration consultancy Global Allianz says there are 160 countries where US citizens can work without a visa, so long as your stay is brief (usually between 1 to 3 months at a time).

Now’s a great time to travel to the UK, where your dollars stretch more than 10% further than they did last summer due to Brexit and the weaker pound. Or Europe, where seven out of 10 of the world’s top cities for workers are located.

2. Join a freelancing, “digital nomad” group

For those of us who don’t want to travel alone or regret not studying abroad in school, Remote Year gives you a second chance. And if you already work remotely, you may not even have to give up your job.

Remote Year’s unique travel program sets you up with 74 other “digital nomads” to spend a year working, traveling, and immersing yourself in 12 cities around the world (spending one month per location). If your application is chosen, the program will run you $5,000 upfront and $2,000 per month for your travel, sleep and work accommodations, internet, and community activities. The chance to witness unforgettable cultures and different experiences? Priceless!

3. Teach English abroad

Believe it or not, there are more than 1 billion people learning English around the world every year – and not enough teachers to go around. In fact, the demand for English teachers is so high that many countries in Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe don’t even require you to have a degree or any formal teaching experience to become an ESL teacher according to Go Overseas.

Looking for some ideas on where to start? The International TEFL Academy says that some of the highest-paying countries for ESL teachers include South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Gulf Arab States of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The academy explains that ESL teaching can give you more than enough money to make ends meet in these countries, and that some of these places will even offer you free housing!

4. Volunteer at overseas NGOs and non-profits

Want to make a difference and experience a different culture in another part of the world at the same time? You could apply to work for an NGO (non-government organization) or non-profit abroad.

From getting a chance to experience life as a farmer abroad with the World-Wide Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) group, to helping rehabilitate elephants in Thailand or teaching English to Buddhist monks in Laos, there’s no shortage of potentially amazing experiences through an NGO. You can see a list of great NGOs to check out here.

5. Work for a company with global office transfers or travel abroad perks

Dreaming of larger paychecks and longer overseas stays without the visa hassles? You may consider working for multi-national corporations that allow or encourage internal, global transfers. This great article from career resource site The Muse says companies like HSBC (and other large banks), Accenture, and Google offer internal transfers between global offices while Texas Instruments, Uber, and Airbnb offer international travel perks or programs for employees.

By now you know that there are plenty of life-changing ways you can work and enjoy new cultures overseas at the same time. Once you’ve figured out your favorite method of working abroad, you will need a way to transfer the money you make overseas back home to your US bank account. Or a way to transfer money from your US bank account to pay for your lodging or bills in a foreign country.

That’s where World First USA, Inc. is a great resource for you. Click here to see how we can help you send and receive money abroad while you live out your dreams of traveling the world.

This article originally appeared on the World First USA blog.


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